BF2 Artifacts with dual x1800 GTO Crossfire setup

Hi guys. Please help.

The system is;
XP pro SP2
AMD 64x2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 2.21 GHz
2.0 GB of RAM
Dual X1800 GTOs running with Crossfire enabled
A Killer NIC Card
A PhysX Card...does nothing for BF2 I assume
outputting to a 73 inch Mits HD TV

This is what I have done so far to fix the problem;

Installed the brand new new radeon drivers
Uninstalled and then Installed physx drivers and card
Uninstalled and unactivated tried BF2 then activated crossfire
Changed resolutions less artifacts at lower res but still there
Took off the PCs side door and put a FLOOR fan on the mobo to check cooling
Tested x1800 gto with Video Card Stability Test and scored a 212 out of a
posted 215

Then I had several bf2 memory errors

A reboot cleared up the artifacts temporarly
Artifacts are back :fou: :pfff:

I will include screen shots so you can see what I am experiencing...

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  1. Fixed the artifacts by swapping the video output from the bottom card to the top card.....this puts the video output through the cooler card...still noticable flickering but artifacts are GONE! Thanks to everyone who read this thread! Any more thoughts anyone?
  2. Yeah, Good luck battlefield-ing
  3. Looks like its time for more case cooling?
  4. Ok... Artifacts came back as the system heated up...I turned off crossfire and the artifacts went away.....anyone have any ideas? could it be a bios setting? my board is an ASUS M2R32-MVP with updated chip drivers

    Dual X1800 GTOs Ideas?
  5. Hmm I would try opening the case and have a fan blowing at the cards. Sounds like they start to warm up too much and start to artifact. Also they are not OC'd right? Try playing around for a bit with the open case fan method to observe what happens. Also get and leave open HWmonitor and read the max temps when it starts to artifact.
  6. ok im on it...i have a nice fan to throw in the case...installing it now
  7. fan installed... its a huge one and cross fire is enabled now...going into the game....
  8. no artifacts yet!
  9. Cooling and case airflow is very important, especially when you have two GPUs running. Glad to hear you have 'probably' fixed the problem!
  10. yeah very minor artifacts now but nothing like what i was experiencing before...i noticed the OC in CCC is set at the lowest possible settings....wonder if I could go lower or if there is something i am overlooking in the bios still

    ATI Overdrive 500/495 current temp is 56C and it's right aftere a long game of BF2 and its dropping quick already down to 54 in as long as it took to type this
  11. Out of curiousity, what kind of PSU do you have?
  12. MD 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 2.20GHz with 2.00 GB RAM

    It's the very first thing I posted at the top of this thread.
  13. No, I meant your power supply. I am just curious if you have enough juice to run those two cards (plus everything else). Overheating/artifacting graphics can happen when there isn't enough power for the cards. Usually, it just crashes, but if you are on the border, it could just lead to some mild overheating and/or artifacts.
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