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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to install a new WD3200KS in my rig and I'm having some problems. My board is a GA-P35-DS3L which supports SATA II and apparently this hard drive does too according to the WD site.

I did discover that I should enable AHCI and native mode in my BIOS setting. Please let me know if that is not is not the case!

I'm trying to install a fresh copy of XP Pro and of course I got the BSOD and the SATA drives disappeared in the BIOS due to AHCI being enabled.

So I need to copy the Sata drivers from the GB website to a floppy, correct? I poked around the GB site and didn't find them. I do have the CD that came with my mobo. Would it contain the drivers I need? I guess I can check that out now.

Basically I just want to know if I'm going about the right way to install this SATA HDD based on my hardware configurations. BIOS settings, XP SATA drivers, etc.

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  1. AHCI is supported on Windows Vista operating system only....Set to Disabled

    SATA Port0-1 Native Mode.....Disabled

    Use SATA 0 or SATA 1 to boot from. In other words plud your HDD into either SATA 0 or SATA 1 on the motherboard
  2. Thanks for the quick reply knotknut.

    Does this mean I will only be able to run this drive in IDE mode?

    I thought Native Mode was supported. At least that is what the mobo manual says.
  3. It will be running through the SATA Controler.

    One of my PC has this board in it. I can go through all the settings with you if need be.
  4. Will I take a noticeable performance hit?

    Also, I've read many stories today that you still will need the SATA drivers to install XP.
  5. This is how to run SATA with Windows XP.
    No performance hit.
    No Drivers needed to install.
    After you install XP insert your motherboard driver disk and install.
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