OS and games on separate HDDs?

Hi all,

I just wondered if there is any real world performance increase in having games installed on a different HDD to the OS?

My friends have been telling me I should have a separate HDD dedicated to OS (problem is finding a low volume drive which still maintains speed at a low cost)

What do ya'll think of this HDD setup I'm considering:

WD 640Gb Caviar Black for OS (I plan to partition a portion for OS and keep the rest as 'spare' space for use in the future)
WD 1Tb Caviar Black for games and data/media storage

Does partitioning lower performance? Any reason NOT to go with the above system or NOT to partition part of the drive for the OS?

I know it's a large 'OS only' drive but I can't afford SSD or Raptor and there really isn't much difference in price between a 640Gb Black and a crappy old 80Gb standard HDD ($80 VS $110).

Any advice appreciated,
Doak :D
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  1. I'm not sure if this applies to vista/7 but on XP you should put your swap file on a different drive, or ATLEAST a different partition.

    As far as your c:\windows files, i don't believe it matters if they're on the same drive as your games because most windows files are loaded at startup, and not during your game.
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