Success in Dual Boot XP on Windows 7, but need drivers

I was successful in setting up a dual boot with Windows XP Pro SP3 on my pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium on the Acer Aspire 5740.

What I need now are the XP drivers for the Acer Aspire 5740. I have searched quite a bit and failed.

I need help please....thank you
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  1. If ACER does not supply XP drivers for the system/chipset sound. LAN, etc. trying going to the hardware Mfg. site and search for XP drivers. Example Realtek sound drivers for a realtek sound chip on the machine can be found here.
  2. problem is how do i know which driver i need mate, is there a way to figure out what hardware i have so that I cud go to the manufacturers site and download the relevant drivers
  3. Yeah, read the specifications of your hardware. Find out what LAN chip. sound and video chips are instralled on the machine. Should be listed online at the Acer product page or listed in the manual.

    I think only Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate are capable of loading XP Mode Virtual machine. You mentioned you have Home premium so I don't think this will work with HP. XP installs within Windows 7. You take a bit of a performance hit, but perhaps think about upgrading to Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate. I use XP mode on some systems. It's free.
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