Is your ECS AMD690GM-M2 Board Stable?

Is your AMD690GM-M2 motherboard stable? I have noticed lately that when I run Crysis on it, it would run fine with my 8800GT with no overheats or anything. But when I continue using the computer after I quit the game, my computer would suddenly crash a few minutes later and would require a hard restart. I don't know if it's the board that's causing this, but I am wondering because I have heard from people that ECS boards are low quality and unstable.

Also I have noticed that VLC crashes a lot on both my system builds that have ECS boards. This happens when I have multiple items in my playlist and when it jumps to the next item. I use the same version of VLC on my Thinkpad laptop and this has never happened on it.

I am running a Athlon64 x2 6400+ with everything at stock speeds and I have a 500W PSU with dual +12v rails totalling 29 amps which should be adequate for my 8800GT.
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  1. yup...

    i have Friend same like ur board..

    its damage now..

    can be On, while Off to long
  2. AMD690GM-M2: Reboots randomly.

    This board was a big disappointment. The sound drivers were difficult to install, the PCIx16 port for a graphics card did not work, and that DVI port was no where near properly addressed. Now, it's just shutting down randomly.

    In ECS's defense, it was cheap. System builders can do as much research as possible and still get bitten due to poor documentation or hidden flaws (like bad capacitors or defective chipsets). Be that as it may, I build about 50 a year so I'm still small time. This board has been pocked with defects and poor design. When first built, all I wanted was a single screen internet computer for home. Then needed more work related 3D stuff and dual screen; that's when the trouble began.

    One thing I have noticed is that it usually dies when running 3D. Google SketchUp almost always kills it, but YouTube does not.

    To the point where I will be replacing the board. Should have returned the board at the first sign of trouble. Live 'n learn.

    Not going to waste time w/hijaak
    it's an amd +6000 athlon x2 w/2gb ram, and a 600w ps (with no voltage problems). all background processes were shut down except for superantispy.
    No viruses (my kids are not allowed on this one)

    while writing this, it bounced once again. grrrr....
  3. My computer just started rebooting. It only happens when I try to play WOW or am watching video. WOW will cause a restart in less than 10 min. Worked fine for about a year. This just started last sunday.

    I guess I'm going to have to replace this MB.
  4. Update.
    I pulled one of the 1GB mem sticks from the slot closest to the cpu.
    it has been stable for now.

    piece o crap been failing piece by piece.

    first the pci video slot, now this.
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