At issue with ATI's contradicting tech support...

I'm here as a service to all just to let you know what happened to me today as I stare at a black screen on my gaming computer....

Had a BF2 graphics problems and decided to follow the ATI web site's directions for updating my ATI graphics drivers. See my other post. On their website it says to uninstall the old drivers and reboot using the ATI Uninstall utility.

That's as far as I got. Black screen. Tried other monitors, a CRT, a DELL...nothing.

Went back to ATI's website and guess what I found!? A whole page devoted to this KNOWN issue! Yes it says they are aware of it and working on it BUT THEY DIDN'T BOTHER TO CHANGE THE DRIVERS INSTALLATION PAGE THE MORONS. So not only have they created the problem, they make it worse by telling people to uninstall the drivers knowing the screen won't come back up...oh yeah and then the best part...they want you to go into that PC...yeah the one with the dead screen, and get all the graphics info from the software...DUH? THE SCREEN IS BLANK YOU IDIOTS!

Moral of the story? ATI are too damn lazy to fix their own mistakes. They create a product without properly testing it then sell it . After my next upgrade I hope to never have to visit another ATI support page ever again, I've spent way too much time at them as it is. My other 4 PCs are running Nvidia problems.
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  1. Update: I have been back to AMD/ATI's web site and they have not only banned me from posting there, I can not send them emails either. Guess they've just grown tired of having to deal with "the customer". SHAME!
  2. Try installing one of your nvidia cards and loading the default windows drivers then install the ATI card and load the ATI drivers.
  3. Somehow I doubt you're going to get a better response here. Flame bate, plain and simple.

  4. so how did you go to their website if your screen is blank ??? :pt1cable:
  5. Getcha some Larrabee, then itll all be good
  6. Just go buy another NVIDIA card, since obviousily you can't just run some sort of onboard basic video or another one of your 3 nvidia cards , Uninstall ATI drivers, driver cleaner etc.... or RE-IMAGE the build .....

    And go back the orginal driver installation ... fixes the monitor problem at least.. unless u punched it ... ditch the game you are playing and...

    Then load crysis and start another thread about " very high settings versus high settings " and some sort of anti aliasing thread and how ATI cards are worse or something...
  7. i used my laptop? if you read above it said i have 4 other PCs running nvidia cards with no problems. I would swap with an nvidia but they are all AGP cards and the 1800s are both PCIe. Thanks for the help...I got a buddy on the way over with another PCIe card to get it running.
  8. try booting in safe mode...
    then delete the the device...
    the reboot... when windows states it is finding drivers... cancel...
    then run setup for the video card...
    I had a simular problem with my NVidia card.. it was forcing me to be in 640x480 4 bit color and refused to change res
  9. If it won't boot the default windows driver, that's a windows error.

    If you build your own computer from scratch that's how it works.

    I'd suggest clean out all driver with driver cleaner pro, then see what happens, Windows' default display driver should load.
  10. ever get a feeling people post questions to their problems then never return for the answer?
  11. OK guys my friend came over with another PCIe card and we were able to get the drivers installed and the dual 1800GTOs running in crossfire mode but the artifacts are still there in BF2 and it seems heat triggered....the longer I play the worse it gets....thanks for all the help guys!
  12. One o those pebcak
  13. Eye Dee Ten Tee
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