E2200 Overclock

Alright, I am a novice and that should show soon. This is my second attempt at a build, first at Overclocking.

XP Home
E2200 Air cooled
Corsair 550 PSU
P43-DS3L Motherboard 1200, 1600 if OC'd
4GB Corsair 667 5, 5, 5, 5, 15
ATI 3850 Graphics

It basically runs nice as is. I have the Graphics Card overclocked somewhat.

When I attempt to overclock (or my version of it), I put the multiplier which is normally 11 to nine and the bus which is normally 200 to 300 which then give me 9 x 300 or 2.7 CPU.

Then when I Save and Exit it goes to post it but shuts off before anything comes up on the screen. It does this 2 times and then come up on a normal XP desktop. CPUID shows my CPU under load is only 1.8 instead of 2.7 which I set, with the multiplier at 9 and the bus shows the normal 200 again, making it 1.8. When I go back into BIOS it has red writing on the right under the tweaking page that says Overclocking can cause instability and possible damage to hardware. I have the PCI set to 100.

When I initially set my overclocking it showed a 2.7 overclock in BIOS.

Any ideas?
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  1. What do you have your RAM Ratios set at ?

    My MSI P35 shutsdown on reboots & power ons also. Its a nag, but from what i've read it's considered normal (though i hate to admit it and constantly look for other answers).
  2. They are still at the factory supported 5, 5, 5, 5, 15. This probably doesn't answer your question because of my lack of knowledge. I am not at home now but I believe when I was looking in BIOS it did have the ratio. I'll have to check on it when I get home.

  3. Sounds good - what you just mentioned there was RAM Timings - I was looking for a ratio. It will usually look something like this 1:1, 1:2, 1:1.2, 5:6 and so on. Might also be set on auto, in which case you could accidentilly be overclocking your RAM...
  4. Yeah I 'll check it tonight. I think it is on auto but don't know for sure. Thanks again.
  5. @OP: Take a look at this:

    GUIDE: Overclocking On EP/P35-DS3L

    It's for the P35-DS3L but your settings should be the same/similer under M.I.T.. Follow the guide to optimize your own settings.

    Start with:
    1. Drop SPD to 2.

    2. Keep multi at 11x.

    When I go back into BIOS it has red writing on the right under the tweaking page that says Overclocking can cause instability and possible damage to hardware

    It can, but not if done correctly (ie. not going over 1.5v,etc)

    The E2xxx CPUs are usually limited to 3-3.3Ghz.
  6. i have the 2.4 Ghz e2200 in my gf's PC

    ive OC it to 3.4 Ghz happily it can handel 3.6 but runs happy at 3.4ghz

    i kept the multiplier the same and just increased the FSB to hit 3.4

    i think the problem you may have is that you Motherboard cant take the high FSB you are setting try keeping the multiplier at 11 and increase the FSB 1mhz t a time i recon ull hit a wall between 200 and 300
    the max u will prolly get will therefore be somewhere between 2.4 and 3.15 Ghz because of the motherboard.

    good luck
  7. My brother came over and we gave it a go again. We set the FSB to 278 and left the multiplier at 11 and it registered out at 3.05 GHz. Somewhat unstable until we messed with the ram. Now it is stable. I ran it stressed for about 4 fours, yeah I know they say 24 hours but I didn't do it. It has ran like a champ since. It specs out at 111 fps on Cstrike stress test with settings with 1680 x 1050. No AA. Thanks for the info.
  8. Also my ration was 5:6 instead of 1:1. I'm not sure what the difference is but at 5:6 it is running very smoothly and cool Core 0 = 27C and Core 1 = 29C at idle. Under load it is Core 0 = 36C and Core1 = 38C. These seem almost too low to believe. Any thoughts?

  9. 5:6 is equal to CPU:RAM. It just means that for every 5mhz of FSB you are also running your RAM at 6hmz FSB.
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