CD/DVD-ROM drive freez computer

I have NEC DVD_RW ND-3520A. I flashed it to upadate firmware, but after i have done this, computer reports it found a new hardware and computer freezed. Tried in safe mode. same thing computer is frozen. I had to unpluged it from power in oreder to have my computer back. I have XP, SP 2.

Is it gone, should I buy new CD/DVD drive, or is it software?
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  1. Hmmm... is it possible for you to hook the drive up to another computer? I'm thinking that, if it works there, you can try restoring the previous version firmware.

    Since that might be impractical, you can also try booting with a portable OS via a USB flash drive, and see if you can access the DVD-RW there.
  2. Or ...
    Yes, it's toast. Replace it with a Samsung or LG.
  3. OK. I tried the new DVD drive. Same thing, although computer did not dead freeze like it used to. I managed to open My computer and it showd CD ROM. Then I connected back on old DVD and boot up XP instalation.

    So it is some XP problem. Any idea to fix this without clean install.
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