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Ok now i know hard drives can fail at anytime even if they are new, however i have heard a beeping/sweaking sound from my HDD a few days ago after about 2 months of use. it mainly happens when i log into windows (not during the booting process) and can happen randomly during normal use. I have run check disk and seagate diagnostics tool and both report the drive to be "fine" and aswell computer management says its a "Healthy drive".

My theory; a few weeks ago i moved my PC near a tv aerial socket, i then moved it closer to the socket a couple of days ago to free up some space. When the computer is on i sometimes recieve bad reception from my tv on certain channels, most channels are fine but i still hear the beeping. tonight the signal was terrible so i turned off the computer- the tv signal was fine again. i have moved my pc back a bit so will test it tommorow. but...

Question; if my computer disrupts the tv signal (on some channels)- could the tv signal disrupt my hard drive causing the beeping sound?

I know this is a little far fetched but i really cant be bothered to send the hdd away to recieve a new one... lol
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  1. I've never heard of hard disks "beeping" nor "sweaking". It's possible though that the wall socket you're using is faulty, causing surges to the TV and your PC.
  2. Did you read the answers to your previous thread?
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