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my labtop with the slow melting pages also keeps saying (a script on this page is busy or has stoped responding stop script or continue) everytime i change page
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  1. what do you mean by slow melting pages?
  2. ok, found your post regarding the melting pages:

    It sounds as tho you are on a slow internet connection. Additionally, you need to download and install adobe flash player.

    Additionally, if you are using Internet explorer... please try a different web browser like Firefox or Google Chrome (please... for the sake of your own sanity)
  3. lazyperson17 said:
    what do you mean by slow melting pages?

    its like the pages are rolling really slow. i have adobe great conection and im on firefox its like the page changes by rolling down very slow it dosent just change
  4. could you please post the specs or at least the model of the computer your using.

    Thanks :)
  5. i have a acer 2433 wxci1.5hz,400fsb 40gb 256ram
  6. First, for anyone else that views this thread, heres a link to the computer in questions specs:

    As for whats going on with the computer. First, every time you change pages if the issue occurs across all websites, then its most likely your browser. Try updating the browser, or re-installing it. Additionally, i think it might partially be due to age. I do not see the product listed on the Acer website as a product. And finally, i am going to guess your computer only has 512 mb of ram (256x2 sticks). This too might have an effect with your ability to view high memory intensive programs and websites.
  7. thanks for your input but this cp was fine until my son took some things out and i put every thimg back in plus i put a fresh windows xp on it 2 days ago did all the updates im just going nuts again thanks its a acer travelmate2423wxci
  8. how do i put a new browser on it?
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