AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Dual Core problems

While playing counter strike source I noticed it said my cores were running at 990.1mhz when it should be at 2.6 stock. Decided to check my bios and it was at 200, so I bumped it up to 2.6, restarted. Got a safe mode message and it told me to go back and change it back. I could only bump it up to 2.0. I checked CPUZ and pretty weird stuff was happening there. Can someone tell me whats wrong?


Counter Strike shows this

My System Specs are:
Videocard: GigaByte NVIDIA Geforce 7300 GS
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+
Mainboard: biostar tforce 550 with lastest bios
Memory: 1GB
Soundcard: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2
PSU: hec HP585D RETAIL ATX12V 585W
Monitor: SAMSUNG SyncMaster 740B
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  1. This might not be correct, but its just a thought that Cool N' Quiet might be doing its job here.

    Sitting in the counter strike menu doesnt eat up any cpu cycles... thus cnq would clock down your cpu. it does this by changing the multiplier to a lower value, so that your cpu doesnt clock any higher than it needs to. your bus speed should remain 200, the default value. try actually joining a game (play in windowed, if you minimize CSS full screen, your cpu usage goes back to 0% and thus cnq would clock down again) and have cpu-z running in the backround. If your cpu shows 2.6ghz while playing the game, then nothing is wrong here. your processor is just doing what its supposed to do. (you can always disable cnq in the bios, but there is really no need)

    and if you dont want to change your game settings, just run superpi or prime95 or some other taxing application with cpu-z up beside it. when your cpu usage goes up, so should your clock rate.
  2. Your right, I just went in game with cpuz on. I saw that it went right up to 2.6 and it stood on it. Thanks for your help.
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