My screen is black on laptop i think it has a virus what do i do

my acer apir has a black screen and possibly a virus what do I do to fix the problem so I can start using it again
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  1. To help us assist you, please provide more information:

    1) Decribe the issue you are having in detail. For example if its with a specific piece of equipment, include the make and model.
    2) When was it last working normally? Since then, did you add/remove any software or hardware?
    3) What steps have you already tried to resolve the problem? (rebooted, searched google, etc)
  2. Black screen at what point? If it's black from the time you turn it on, the inverter, LCD panel or video card are bad. Hook up an external monitor to the laptop, do you get an image then? If yes, need to replace the inverter and probably the LCD screen.

    To clear out the virus, check here
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