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I have ordered my parts and I am beginning to assemble my new computer. I have a question about the front panel wiring. I am ok with the small single-pin wires for LEDs and such, and the USB connector is straight forward enough. I am perplexed by the firewire and audio connectors though. Both of them resemble the USB connector; a thick cord ending in a 10-pin connector (with one pin missing, of course). However on the firewire cord, coming out of the connector are very delicate wires with individual pin connectors. These are labeled to correspond with the each pin as described in the case's manual. The audio cable is even stranger, the connector is for HD audio but it has the delicate little wires coming out ending with the AC 97 connector AND THEN that connector has the little labeled single pins coming out of it.

This isn't the case I purchased, but this case has similar wires (look at the picture from the side view):

Now, I'm guessing that these little single pins are there just to indicate what pin does what, but I'm not sure. All the research I've done only showed a single connector, not a bunch of single pin ones. Can I just plug in the one 10 pin connector? My mobo doesn't have a firewire connector, but I want to make sure the audio one is done right.

One other thing. My motherboard manual says that the default for the audio connector is HD Audio. I should be able to disregard the AC 97 connector then, right?
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  1. Follow the mobo manual & hook up the cables/wires to the mobo's connectors. Disregard any extra/incompatible ones.
  2. Im guessing that the case maker gave the 10 pin connector for convenience, and then the individual pins just in case the way they configured the connector didnt match the way the motherboard manufacturer designed the pin header. As far as the HD audio vs the AC97 audio connector goes, use whichever one your motherboard supports. (If its a newer motherboard, its most likely an HD audio connector, but double check the motherboard manual to be sure).
  3. hi i have an x-fi Xtreme gamer card and it's not the platinum so it didn't come with a frontpanel, but now i am interested in getting one, can anyone help me out with a location on where to buy just the front panel?
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