Need Help. Really confused bout what to do now..

I had an Intel Pentium D 840 home built machine. It runs on an Intel D945GPM board. It has 2.5 Gb of PC4200 memory and a 256MB PCIexpress video card.

The machine had a problem recently and I replaced the power supply. In the process of troubleshooting the issue with the loading, I swapped chips with a chip which was apparently not compatible with the board. I realized my stupid mistake and put the original chip and all I can think is that it confused the bios. So, after reinstalling the older chip, validating it was the power supply I must've cleared the bios from the chip....

I know it sounds crazy but everything works except the video card. The monitor said that the cable is disconnected. So, since I can get the video card to work, I cant really trouble shoot the monitor.

I put in a pretty standard PCI card and still no video....

so, any suggestions? would putting in a new chip with bios fix the issue?
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  1. hmmm sounds more like you havent put something back together properly.

    Check all power connections (including 4pin CPU power) reseat cards and RAM... do you get any Beeps on power up? make sure you have a speaker that will make the beeps too that catches the best of us out. And try resetting the CMOS again, either by the jumper setting or simply remove the CMOS battery for a period of time.
  2. I appreciate the help. It seems to power up and just not post.....

    I'm obsessive compulsive about computers, so I'm going to go validate the build.

  3. Make sure you didn't bend any of the pins on the cable.
  4. make sure you don't have onboard video that got set to first priority in bios.
  5. OK...

    So, I went back to zero.

    Bought a new motherboard. Its a mid-level intel.

    Three all of the components into the new board and the machine works fine. I guess the board after all the drama.

    Thanks for reading.
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