Windows 7 Upgrade with raid setup

hello everyone,

i wanting to know if any of yous can give me a hand with some thing?

i have just built my self a new system spec are
Giabyte EP45-UD3P
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 so far oc'ed to 3.40ghz
4GB of A-Data Extreme DDR2 1066mhz
Samsung 500GB Sata HDD (HD502IJ) - OS HDD
5x Samsung 1TB Sata HDD (HD103UJ) in a onboard raid 0 total capacity 4.54TB - Videos,Software,Games, and Backups.

i have installed windows 7 rc build 7127 64Bit i would now like to upgrade to Windows 7 rc build 7137 64Bit i have already filled my raid with 2.2Tb of files and if i do the upgrade will i loose those files when i partion the raid.

could some one please help me.
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  1. 2 things.. no you wont lose them as you have no reason to reformat or partition your storage drives

    and second I wouldnt run a 5 disk raid 0 array. If one disk goes bad you will totally lose all your data.
  2. thanks for your help.

    it doesnt bother me if 1 harddrive goes bad i have backsite at work which allows me to back up my whole system so not to scared there or though at the start i was.

    also aftre the upgrade would i have to partion or would it just get a driver letter and work fine
  3. no you will be find dont touch the raid and it will just be there in the os after you reinstall

    its already partitioned no reason to format or repartition it.

    just make sure you select the right drive to reinstall windows to.
  4. okay thank you very much for all your help.
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