8800GT SLI overclock, temperature concern

I've recently upgraded to the Gigabyte EX58 motehrboard and have put 2 x 8800GT on it in SLI.

While installing it I saw an obvious problem, that there was no gap between the 2 8800GT's and therefore one of them was going to get very little benifit from its fan.

I've had a look at overclocking, but even before I overclock I see GPU0 hitting 87C after 5 mins of the ATI artifact scan. GPU1 remains solidy around 50C.

I've done mild overclock of both GPUs to 690/1725/1050 and after around 10 mins of artifact scan GPU0 hits 91C, while GPU1 remains at 51C

Is this something I should be concerned about? 91C seems pretty high, but I get no artifacts at all, even if I take it above 700Mhz.

I guess the fix could be to split the cards and buy a longer SLI bridge, but the motherboard manual suggests using the 2 PCIe slots that are right next to each other.

Also, I'm using RiverTuner. Am I correct in assuming that RiverTuner automatically adjusts both GPUs at the same time?
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  1. water cooling set up from coolit sorry cant find link right now
  2. 'Tis the nature of the beast. Best thing you can do is make sure that you have plenty of cool air blowing at them. My Antec 900 makes it easy, as there is a place to mount a fan right behind both cards in the HD cage, but not all cases will make it that simple. You may have to do some modding, but putting a fan blowing over them towards the back of the case should help that top card quite a bit.
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