P5N-D Stuck during startup

Well here's the thing I got new parts and everything was entirely working together with no problems with me capable of doing anything regularly and after I get the wireless device setup and go to youtube.com and click on just any random video the system blue-screened and won't startup past the P5N-D startup screen.

All attempts to press DEL to enter setup so I can possible try a repair =CD fail and TAB does nothing either.

It's been locked at that screen for over 10 minutes which isn't normal. Any suggestions? Like resetting the CMOS?

This is my first post here nice to meet everyone!

I have had some PC experience from my High School classes but I've been a Mac user since and this is my first go back at the PC world so hopefully I didn't mess it up permanently.
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  1. Okay never mind CMOS did the trick. Thanks though...?
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