8800GT High Temps With Accelero S1 :(

Hi, I got the Accelero S1 passive heatsink from Arctic Cooling to replace the crappy and loud stock heatsink/fan that came with my PNY 8800Gt.

When I first installed the Accelero S1, idle temps dropped to low 50s and load would go mid 60s.

The problem is that it has been over a week since I installed it and the temps have spiked to 60 idle ! It has gotten warmer here, and ambient room temp has probably risen 3-4 degrees, but that doesn't explain why idle temps have jumped by almost 10.

i even have my side panel open and it's still at 62 idle right now... i also noticed some artifacting while playing battlefield 2. Should I try and reseat the accelero heatsink with some arctic silver 5?

does anyone else get really high temps with accelero S1?

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  1. Ambient Temp has a big effect on GPU/CPU temps from what I've observed. Even that little change can bring it up a lot. Example:
    In January, my E6300 idled @ 40C.
    Now, it idles @45C.
    Ambient temp change was about 3C. (Load Temps are about the same)
    Try putting a fan on it, that's what I did with my HR-03 (passive was 50/75)(active is 45/55)

    Good luck!
  2. well, you guys were right... i rigged up an old 60 mm fan to a metal back bracket in the slot right below the Accelero S1 + 8800GT and temps went from 80 degree full load temp in BF2 before to 49, over 30 degrees drop from just a little air being pulled by an old 60 mm fan.

    i think i will get the turbo kit because this tiny fany is really loud

    idling right now at 43 :D
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