CPU overheated

I installed a new e2180 last night. After a while, the computer cut off and when I tried to turn it back on all that happened was the cpu hsf turned about 1 turn. No lights, beeps, other fans...... When I took off my hsf to try another processor, I noticed that it wasn't seated correctly and was not flush on the cpu. Obviously it overheated and is probably fried. When i put my old P4 back in I got the exact same thing...half turn of hsf. Now I know my mobo is more than likely fried, but i wanted to know if there is anyting else i could check before I bought a new one. I tried resetting cmos...

e2180/Pentium 4 2.8
nf650i sli mobo
2 gigs ddr2 667
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  1. modern cpus dont fry themselves anymore if overheated, they will throttle down and eventually shut themselves off before permanent damage would occur because of heat. And mobos dont care how hot your cpu is.

    but maybe your PSU died....
  2. This is if your comfortable with electronics.

    Disconnect the mobo 24 Pin ATX connector. Create a shorting wire to go from the Green wire to any of the black ones to manually switch the PSU on.

    Then fluke all the coloured pins to any of the black ones. Making sure you get voltage on each one being it positive or negitive. Just to make sure your mobo's getting power constanly. i.e no dodgy/loose pins.

    You can also connect Fans to the 4 pin molex's if you really want to, but they won't be causing your problem.

    You'll most likely be right in the mobo's gone, but also try just putting one stick of RAM into it's slot and then swapping over to the other just to check it's not a RAM problem :).
  3. Your psu probably died, but when you put on a new CPU it is common knowledge to watch temps for a while.
  4. I was watching temps...but not from the bios so i guess my monitoring sofware wasn't reading right. I used coretemp and hwmonitor.

    would the PSU dieing be related to the temp...or is it just coincidence?

    can you better describe a shorting wire? any easier way to test psu? (other than hooking it up to a new computer)
  5. Get a tester for $10 or take it to a shop and they most likely will test it for free. I opted to buy myself a tester and it has been very handy. What are the specs of your PSU? Most likely overclocking stressed the PSU and killed it.
  6. coolmax 650w
  7. Get it tested.
  8. Ok...will do

    And I assume that if it is good then the Mobo is probally the problem...and the cpu should be ok?

    Thanks for you help.
  9. Reset the cmos by unplugging psu from wall and using jumper or pull battery for 5 mins. Make sure the 20/24 pin is in all the way wiggle it a bit, same goes for the CPU 4pin 12v atx connector. Did you remem to plug it back in during your testing?

    I suspect ram next and mobo cpu last. I've read 680is are ram killers and if you oc your ram at all it might be dead. Try one stick at a time.
  10. I reset the cmos and double checked all the connectors last night...ram wasn't running at a higher clock speed, but I had increased the FBS and voltages a little
  11. I am pulling for the ram...4 new gigs would be a nice upgrade....everyting else is just wasted money on my dumb part
  12. could raising the fsb kill the ram even if the ram stayed at stock speeds?
  13. I remember my northbridge really did fry, I was messing around with some after market heatsink while the computer was on, (not smart) so it wasn't seatred properly. My computer cut off, and wouldn't start again. you push the button, it would turn on for a second, immediately turn off.

    No post or anything, it was the mb south bridge. I simply rma'd the board, got a new one and all was good again. Lesson learned.
  14. how did you know it was fried?
  15. Get a PROPER PSU!! Coolmax is Tier5, not reccommended.
    See http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=108088
  16. kidquick said:
    ... I had increased the FBS and voltages a little

    What had you increased, and to what voltage? This increases the chances that you fried your MB. However, a dead PS is still a good possibility
  17. If there is Maplin Electronic near you they will most likely check it for free. Depends who you get really, but in the one that I work in we don't mind testing since it only takes a minute. Like everyone else said though, the motherboard is probably dead. More modern processors don't tend to fry although they can become permanently damaged to high temperatures over a prolonged period of time (although I think your CPU is new?). If you go in a bios you can usually find the settings that automatically turn your PC off and sometimes you'll notice slow down when temperatures are high.

    Hopefully the damage won't cost too much.
  18. First I checked the ram..and I got no change
    then I checked PSU and It worked...
    Then I plugged the PSU into the MB only (no drives, extra fans, video card) and it worked...
    Process of elimination lead me to the video card..so i am sending it back to newegg...

    thanks for you help
  19. That Coolmax is still rubbish, don't skimp on the PSU, it affect all the other parts.

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