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Hey guys ... quick question

I'm thinking about getting the asus P5E X38 with the E8400...now the cpu is a 1333 fsb processor but the ram is ddr 2 1066, now does that mean that i wont be getting the full 1333 potential out of the cpu?...will i be limited to the ddr2 1066? if so, would it be better to get the Q6600 1066 fsb cpu? this machine will be for gaming

thx guys any help here would be awesome
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  1. nobody?
  2. Im not really qualified to answer that but i know your FSB is only relative to your memory, and you would still be able to get the 1333 potential as long as your board allows
  3. The FSB is "quad pumped" so it's actually working at a 333Mhz electrical speed (333x4).
    The RAM is DDR2 and its top rated speed is at 533Mhz electrically (533x2).
    I think that ASUS motherboard had FSB:RAM memory divider ratios of 1:1, 5:6, 4:5, 3:4, 2:3, 5:8, 3:5 and 1:2.
    If you leave the motherboard in Auto it will use a memory divider ratio to operate FSB & RAM.
  4. so is the p5e and e8400 a good combo then?..sorry what you said was kinda confusing to me ;)
  5. FSB:RAM ratios:
    1:1 333Mhz:333Mhz or 1333FSB and DDR2 667
    5:6 333Mzh:400Mhz or 1333FSB and DDR2 800
    3:4 333:444 or 1333FSB and DDR2 888
    5:8 333:533 and so on.
    Now Im just guessing but I think leaving BIOS choices in AUTO will have the E8400 and DDR2 RAM using the 5:6 memory divider.
  6. ahh ic , so it would be ok then ..... what do you suggest for a MOBO? any other better choices out there? i wount use the cross fire as im going with an nvidia card, thx in advance
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  8. The Asus P5E is a fine motherboard and would be a good choice.
    Or for $10 more you could get the Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4
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