Thoughts on Tagan 1100w Turbojet ?

My coolermaster realpower 1000w has just packed up and the company i got it from haven't any more.They are replacing it with the tagan 1100w Turbojet. This tagan costs a little bit more than the coolermaster but it's not a brand i know too much about.Is this power supply any good ? cheers for your views on this.
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  1. Tagan makes excellent power supplies, definitely an upgrade from what you had.
  2. ^Agreed. Most, if not all Tagan PSUs are Tire 2 or Tire 1 PSUs.
  3. thanks, the reveiws i've read have been quite mixed.sounds like it'll be quite loud but so long as it's reliable i won't mind .the coolermaster has only lasted 2 months.
  4. 1100w ... safe to assumn itll b loud. :)
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