Trendnet Wireless N Router providing less than 1 Mbps Connection!!!

Recently I switched over to Comcast as my internet service provider from AT&T. Unfortunately Comcast installed a cable model which is not a wireless router, well it is not even a router. It can just connect one network device directly to the WAN. With AT&T the DSL modem had the wireless router built-in. Comcast apparently offers wireless router modems as well (or an external router) but then of course they charge you rent for that which I thought was waste of money, so I decided to get my own wireless router.

I thought, well, if I am buying a wireless router, might as well buy wireless n router. So I got the Trendnet Wireless N router TEW-652BRP which turned out to be a piece of junk. I was able to hook it up behind the modem and then hook up my desktop to it via wired ethernet cable. And I was able to configure it right so that the desktop was able to access the internet without any problems.

I then started hooking up my wireless laptops. The first was has a wireless g built-in and I was able to hook that one up without issues. The second one has a wireless n built-in and that is the one having problem with the router. That one is giving me anywhere from 100 to 300 kbps connections :fou: even though that one is supposed to be the fastest. Initially it was only giving me about 100 kbps but then I configured the router to do just b and g and not n, that allowed me to go up to about 300 kbps or so. No matter where I put the laptop in reference to the router, same floor, other floor, right next to it (a couple of feet away), not much difference, it definitely remains way under 1 Mbps. And for a router rated at 300 Mbps, this is a shame. So before I slam it back on Trendnet's face for making such a crapy router, I thought I should seek some advice on this forum. Please let me know if you have any.

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  1. There might be something wrong with the wireless N adapter of your laptop. do you have another N device that you can test with your router?
  2. Thanks for the response. I have already returned that router and bought another one. But that's just a g. The built-in wireless n adapter works great with it and it worked great with the old wireless b router that I had. It is a brand new HP laptop, I doubt if it is the adapter issue. But you never know :)
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