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My DVD drive does not recognize DVDs. It is an old drive and I'm wondering if it is just dead, or what. My computer is a Dell Dimension 4600 that came with a CD/RW drive and a seperate DVD drive. The CD drive still works fine, but the DVD drive does not. It has power and everything, but is unable to detect any DVDs. Windows detects the drive, but it appears that the BIOS doesn't. When I set the IDE master, slave, etcs that aren't enabled to 'AUTO' I get a 'diskette drive 0 seek failure' error. The IDE cable connected to the DVD drive is indeed labeled 'drive 0'. I've tried unplugging and replugging in the drive's cables and to no avail. I have noticed that windows interestingly has the DVD drive as both D and F, if that is relevant.

I don't know how long it hasn't worked, as I rarely use it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Either there's something wrong with your connecting DVD cable, or your drive is dead. That's what I'm assuming from the constant switching between Drive D And F. I also assume your CD/RW is drive E?
  2. do you have any bootable DVD's you can try? just to rule out an issue with windows?
  3. Unfortunately I don't have a bootable DVD.

    Yes, my CD/RW drive is E. I tried switching around the cables, the CD/RW drive works when I switch their cables, I guess the drive is just dead.

    Thanks guys.
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