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I have a problem. A lady I'm trying to help is trying to view pictures, that have been emailed to her (In the program Lotus Notes 8.5) but whenever she 'double-clicks' on one to view it, it tells her "drawing failed." But when I have her save it to the desktop or to another drive on the network and then try to view it it opens fine. I also had her forward the email to me (I also use lotus notes) and it opened fine for me. SO, it seems we can rule out a corrupt image file as well as a corrupt Windows Pic/fax Viewer.

Basically at this point, what else could be causing the computer to say "drawing failed" only when trying to open them via email software?

Thanks in advace.
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  1. Probably a Lotus Notes issue, is that the latest version with patches installed? Have her try another email client maybe.
  2. I would if I could, but that's what we use here at work. Any other suggestions? lol
  3. Hm.. if its a work issue, do you have any IT support or are they clueless? If you can't use another email client, maybe check for any patches you can install. If possible, post the exace error you get when opening pictures. Is she the only one with this issue?
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