ICH9R RAID and hot-swap AHCI same time?

Hi Everyone -

I have an Asus P5K-E with ICH9R southbridge and JMicron eSATA. It has 6 SATA ports (4+2slave) and I have it configured for RAID 0 on ports 4/5.

What I want to do is add a hot-swapping internal drive (with pull out bay) and run it under AHCI (which is required for hot-plug). Can I simply plug it into one of my SATA ports even though the chipsets configured for RAID and use that single drive under AHCI?

I would use the JMicron ports, but they are only external, and I want to use this as an internal drive.

many thanks...
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  1. I dont think it will work.. I cant even plug in an ESATA drive without rebooting for it to be detected on startup.

    also hotswapping has to be supported by the standard (sata supports this) but it also has to be supported/enabled by the driver also

    I will say it has never bothered me enough to really research it more than about 15min
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