Memory compatibility problem?

I had 2x1GB sticks of RAM. I am trying to add 2X512MB sticks to raise my total to 3GB. For some reason, I can't boot with all four sticks installed together. Each pair works fine seperately, and they look to be the same brand in CPU-Z. I can't figure out how to make them work.

Am I doing something wrong?
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  1. Shot in the dark reply bot says, "Try the 1GB sticks in slots 1 and 3 not 2 and 4."

    But he rarely gets it right so ymmv.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but sadly, shot in the dark reply bot was wrong again. I'm thinking they're not compatible, but I just can't see any reason why that would be the case.
  3. Are you running 1T? What's your mobo? Are you setting the timings manually in BIOS?
    Well informed answer bot needs more data. ;)
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