Athlon X2 or AMD Phenom X3?

yeah i wanted to buy either AMD Phenom X3 Tri Core 8450 or AMD Athlon X2 6000 .The reason for choosing these two is i am getting both at the same price but i was wondering why AMD Phenom X3 Tri Core 8450 has same price AMD Athlon X2 6000.I have no idea of cpu's so your wise suggestions required
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  1. the 6000+ = 2 cores clocked at 3GHz
    the 8450 = 3 cores clocked at 2.1GHz

    However, even though the total GHz is nearly the same, the 6000+ will give you better performance generally, as most applications (especially games) can't use more than 2 cores. Because of this difference, the 6000+'s extra clocks give it the win.

    Unless you're thinking of overclocking (i'm guessing you're not) I'd recommend going with the 6000+

    However, if you are thinking about overclocking, it becomes a harder call to make.
  2. in applications that make use of 1 or 2 cores, the Phenom get's ownd by the Athlon as the architecture is similar but the clock speed almost 50% less. In apps that make use of more than 2 cores (video editing etc), the X3 will be a bit faster. You make your choice based on what you need in terms of performance, and apps you'll use.
    Hope that helps
  3. Triple core Phenoms reviewed here and they don't look all that bad for a Budget system, but they have not included the 8450.

    The 6000+ will be the better choice if you like games, but the triple core has more potential where multi-tasking is concerned. If you can stretch your budget a little further for a full Quad Core 9550, that would be the best choice.
  4. well i want it for gaming and downloading basically though i do sometimes video and photo editing too
  5. The 8750 is the best bet for your money right now. They overclock to 2.8 and each core is 10% faster than an Athlon X2. Right now, games mostly support 2 cores (there are exceptions like Supreme Commander and Microsoft Flight Simulator), but an extra core is a bit of future proofing with multi-tasking ability.

    That said, I'm not sure if anyone who already has an Athlon X2 should upgrade on a 690 board. When choosing a new build, I'd go with the 8750 over the 6000+; but if you can, wait for Deneb.
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