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Hello All!
I am in the final stages of purchasing my PC from newegg, and I was just wondering if you all could give some feedback on my build.


The budget was to be about $800 (not to include shipping and stuff). One thing I am a bit concerned about is the power. I'm going to slap in a 500g PATA internal HDD, as well as a CD/DVD burner (PATA as well). Thanks for your time ^_^.
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  1. Overpriced case, looks great though. You can pick up an Antec Sonata 3 for less with a decent 500W PSU to boot.
  2. Instead of that

    1)PSU..get the Corsair 550vx... avail for $55 on buy.com

    2)GPU...the 9600 is avail for $110 AR

    3)Mobo...get the Gigabyte DS3L...its cheaper and quite a great performer.

    4)CPU... get the E8400... would be about $190 in a few days time.

    5)HD......get the Western Digital Caviar SE WD1600AAJS 160GB 7200 RPM for $47.
  3. Replace the CPU and Mobo with Q6600 or e8400 at $179 and GA-P35-DS3L for $89. Same money and double the performance.
  4. Get a SATA CD/DVD burner! Also think about a 160GB HDD /no matter u have a 500GB PATA hdd. On the other hand .... Cool system!
  5. Also go for a 4gb (2x2gb) kit Patriot Extreme Low Latency 4-4-4-12 instead of 2 2gb 5-5-5-15


    will be a little less with the MIR and way better because of better timing and better OC too
  6. I'm a bit concerned about the case, it's a bit overpriced, but if you like the look of it, go ahead. I'd also second what's been said about the motherboard/CPU.
  7. Alright, I made some modifications based on the users here. I liked that case from the get go, so I am staying with that. I am also partial to AMD procs, so I would need to see some benchmark tests to make me go over to the other side. If someone could link me to them that would be AWESOME. Also, I just wanna know if my 650w is powerful enough to power this "beast". Also, I prefer newegg (only because they rock) opposed to any other site. I have had way bad experiences with them, so I am willing to over look a couple of bucks. Just a couple more days with suggestions and this puppy is mine!

    Thank you guys so much for your current and continued suggestions. ^_^
  8. I'd say 650W is plenty. I've got 550W powering 2 8800GTs in SLI, lol.
  9. GHSlan said:

    I am partial to AMD procs, so I would need to see some benchmark tests to make me go over to the other side.

    Also, I just wanna know if my 650w is powerful enough to power this "beast".

    Google the review of the E8400...you'll see many benchmarks which will say that it is way ahead of the Windsor.

    And that PSU is enough to power even your beast's father. .............. though i don't reccomend it, cos i haven't heard pleasant things about it. I've always preferred Corsair or AntecEW.
  10. Here is a link of one review.
    It's not even a slight competition.


    Also take note of the Power consumption differences.
    It's quite massive.

    Add to that, the 6400+ may OC 100-200Mhz with Air cooling.
    The 8400 will OC 800-1000Mhz with Air Cooling.
  11. Alright, my (hopefully) last revision. I've taken into consideration everything everyone has said here. I've gone to the other side, and got the q6600 along with a matching mobo. I am going to keep the PSU because it seems reliable (based up the reviews). Also swapped out the patriot RAM with some from G.Skill based upon a recommendation from my work buddy (said was just as good with better RMA support and such). AND it is still under $800, which was my concern when i was swapping the CPU and Mobo. Overall I am happy with this and I plan to purchase this in the next day or two. Also note I swap my video card with another one that is not over clocked. Some people were having problems with it, and I i want to over clock I will do it myself (based upon my needs. Won't need to if everything runs smoothly.) Once I get everything squared away, up and running, ill make sure to let y'all know how well it is doing.

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