How to setup RAID 10 on my 29320A-R scsi card


Can anyone explain to me how to do a raid 10 on my controller card. I have 2x 74gig 15K U320 drives (ST373455LC) and 2x 36gig 15K U320 Maxtor Atlas drives and 1x 146gig Seagate 10K U160 and 1x 36gig Hitachi 10K U160 drive.

I want to create a raid 10 as it will give me the performance as raid 0 and fault tolerance of raid can create it on the 2 channels on my card.are the internal LVD and the external LVD on seperate channels or do i use the channels to create raid 10.

Thank you
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  1. Hi Stevie G, have you read the RAID FAQ V1.3.1? :)
  2. Thats not the answer i am looking for.

    RTFM is going to confuse me more. I am looking for someone to explain it in simple english language.
  3. Just go into the BIOS of your Adaptec card (something like Ctrl+R, it'll say what to press) during POST and have fun setting up the array. ;) And yes, RTFM...
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