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I have finished assembling a new PC - Intel Quad Q9300, Abit IP35 Pro, ZeroTherm BTF90, GEIL 2x2GB DDR2800 memory, Lian Li PC-60BPlusII, Antec NeoPower 650W, EVGA 8800GTS 320MB, 2x Samsumg SATA DVD Burners. I will be moving my SATA HDDs from my current machine to this new build - 1 x 80GB, 1 x 200GB, both 7200 rpm.

I am trying to figure out the order of installing firmware, updates and software. I have taken an Acronis True Image image of my system disk from my current gig (an older IDE HDD that will not be transferred to this machine).

Should I install this image on the disk of the new build? Or do I need to have a fresh install of all software and apps (XP Pro SP2)? The image will contain drivers for the earlier AMD 64/mobo /video cards - will this create problems or can I remove/fix these after installing the image?

Should I be updating the BIOS before any software installs?

My plan is to set up a dual-boot system - Win XP Pro and Ubuntu Linux. Or alternatively Ubuntu only with Win XP running under VMWare. Any thoughts? I am not sure how well Adobe Photoshop and Premiere will work under VMWare/XP...

Any suggestions would be welcome. Once I have a system up and running, the next step will be OC it to about 3-3.5 Ghz - if anyone has done this before on this combination, please let me know the settings that you used or think will work for this setup - FSB, VCore, memory voltages, timings, etc.

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  1. The order doesn't matter very much. But I do this:

    research for the best bang mobo/cpu (reviews/specs/overclocks)
    read through a thread or two dedicated to the mobo/cpu to know the pros & cons
    download all relevant drivers & manuals to cd/dvd
    take a look at the board layout
    download latest stable (no beta) bios to disk
    read flashing instruction

    build the barebone with a floppy/card reader/dvd
    clear cmos & load default in bios
    flash the bios
    load default in bios
    restart a few times to make sure everything works
    set up bios per specs of cpu/ram
    put everything together in the case with side panels off
    restart pc a few times
    until it's stable, save settings on paper or in bios

    zero-write boot sector of hdd
    disconnect network
    install xp
    install drivers
    install service packs
    install apps
    recall last known stable o/c settings in bios
    test for stability in xp

    If you're experienced in o/cing & don't want to waste time, google for other's successful o/c's & settings. They usually work. Perhaps, a notch more or less in voltages. Or you can look at a guide like the one here in o/c forum & start from FSB 333, up FSB by 3-5 until windows no longer boots, either up voltages or back down the FSB by 2, test for stability in orthos x2, memtest last (loop #5 for 30 times).
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