Big RAID proble

I just got a new 500gb seagate hdd (7200rpm 16mb cache sata2) to go with my other one with the exact same specs. I foolishly went right ahead and put them in raid 0 with my 780g chipset. Unfortunately the first drive contained my mbr, all my data (it was filled 1.5gb left) and my os (windows 7). The raid manager only said it would delete the mbr. I went into the repair section in the windows 7 rc1 install disc and it can't find my installation... Is ALL my data gone or is my pc just not finding the harddrive(s)? I have access to norton ghost windows 7, vista, and xp install discs, but no computer (this is from my iPhone). My board is an ASUS M4A78 PRO.
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  1. Raid erases everything.
  2. Once the RAID MBR has overwritten the original MBR area, then as daship said all your data are un-retrievable. If you have not done a full format (one that takes hours) yet then there still might be a chance to recover data through expensive data recovery services.
  3. Sorry to hear that, tough lesson to learn.

    But to put it bluntly, your boned!
  4. Ofcourse not true, you can use MFT-based NTFS recovery programs, that work without a partition or the metadata of NTFS filesystem, but instead scans the filesystem for known metadata patterns.

    Have you tried recovery programs?
  5. no I haven't Tried any yet... I'm still gonna put an os on this old rig that I will sell... Could you reccommend any programs??
  6. YEAH i downloaded the seagate file recovery program and it opened up my old hard drive exactly as it was last time i saw it, plus all of my recently permanently deleted files. this is what i did -

    1. Changed from RAID back to the standard IDE for both SATA devices
    2. Unplugged my old HDD
    3. Installed Windows XP on the new one
    4. Downloaded the file recovery program
    5. Restarted and plugged my old HDD back in
    6. Recovered all my files and copied them to my desktop (right now in the proccess)
    (what i will do)
    7. Upgrade from windows xp to Windows 7
    8. Use the windows 7 built in disk management under copmuter management to see if I can stripe the 2 drives together there

    if i cant is there any way i can get the RAID to work now (I have another 160gb HDD i can use to transfer most of my important files to if needed) but i prefer to do it right from windows 7
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