VPN on Windows 2000 in domainand behid router

Hello, to all. I'm new here and i have one problem that i want to solve.
Have one server that is behind router. The OS on server is Windows 2000 and that server is in domain and have active directory on it. Server IP is static. The router is Linksys WRT54G2 and route the Internet in the LAN.

Server have one NIC. Can i make a VPN to the server from Internet and user access to that server whit theirs domain accounts ? I want user to have access to his directory.

Thank for help! :)
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  1. Anybody know if Windows 2k server can be configured as an end point in IPSec or SSL tunnel?

    Your WRT54G2 cannot be used as a VPN concentrator (VPN endpoint); it can only forward VPN traffic to internal concentrator. It means that you have to set up a VPN concentrator in your internal network UNLESS Win 2k server can terminate IPSec or SSL VPN.
  2. take a look at www.accessmylan.com - Works on W2K servers and gives full VPN Access

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