oc proble with e7300 and ga ep45 ud3r

here's my spec :
ga ep45 udr3
2x1gb corsair 8500 c5d
ati 4850 512mb
corsair TX 650W

i have problem with the core speed and multiplier, why the core speed and multiplier keep coming down, i oc at 10 x 300 mhz and 1.125 cpu core voltage.. and after i check in gpu-z it's show 6 x 290 mhz = 1740 mhz, and it keep changing into 10 x 300 mhz, but almost the time at 1740 mhz.. can anyone help me what's the problem?
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  1. I see you didn't take the time to read the stickies or search the forums.

    Go in the bios and turn off (disable) speedstep ie. EIST/CIE. After you reach a stable OC you can turn it back on and see if you are still stable with them on.
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