Dreaded NO SIGNAL! help!! =0

PROBLEM somewhat IDENTIFIED AND SOLVED!--- Swapping from my DVI to VGA cables worked. Why I don't know, but it worked.

Check this thread out if you are also experiencing this problem, some people may need to revert to ancient drivers, but for me swapping cables worked!---


Major problem, I need help!


E8400 cpu
2gb ddr 800
8800GTS 512mb
Vista Ultimate 32bit
22" LCD display widescreen

Everything has been working just fine, but I went to bed earlier and left the PC on idleing... I woke up a few hours later to see it had shut down.

I turned it back on, and everything seemed ok I can see the post, and windows loading bar on the black screen.... BUT just as it it supposed to display the welcome to windows screen--- it goes black, monitor then says "no signal".

Now everytime I boot in, the same thing happens- no signal.


I am currently typing to you all in safe mode. Safe mode works fine.

I uninstalled my graphics drivers from safe mode, and I was then able to boot into normal windows just fine.
I then installed the drivers and restarted, I then get the same NO SIGNAL problem!

I have tried rolling back windows

I have tried starting in VGA (low res mode)

I have checked the cables

Bad vid card? I wish I had a spare PCI X card to test :pt1cable: But I don't see how the card could be bad.... It is running, the fan is working on it, I am typing to you guys right now using it (just not the drivers apparently lol) so the card must still be ok?

Well I'll check back every now and then as I desperately try to solve this, any advice would be appreciated! :(
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  1. Looks like a driver problem to me. What drivers are you using?
  2. 169.25

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled this several times now, and tried all sorts of resolutions.
    Before this problem I was using some beta drivers 171 or something like that. I have never had a problem like this before, this PC is only a couple months old and given outstanding performance thus far.....
    The vid card is NOT set to overclock apon startup either (I rarely even use the overclock settings I made with rivatuner). However rivatuner is told to automatically increase the fan setting apon loading into windows.
    SO what I'll try now, is tell riva not to activate at all apon startup, but I'll likely be back here in a few minutes in safe mode again much to my dismay lol =/

    This is soo strange, but I still believe the card can't be dead if I am in right now running at 1680x1050 res in safe mode, no problems.... But the moment I wana start windows normally with my drivers installed--- NO SIGNAL INPUT

    Everything else is working just fine BTW, I can't see any other problems with any other components. Ram HD CPU ect all running and reading correctly.
  3. Did you clean up the drivers after the uninstall? if not download http://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Secure-cleaning/Driver-Cleaner.shtml
    and run that after uninstalling the drivers. Then reboot PC. Now download and install latest STABLE drivers.
  4. I think that the only thing you can do is try other drivers.
    If by chance you have automatic windows update then probably you got one that is affecting your video card drivers.
    You should choose which every drivers are working with your OS and card at the moment.
    Just my 1.5 cents.
  5. According to this, I have some new things I'll be trying, I'll post back with results.


    Re-installed drivers 169.25 (had to first uninstall from safe mode)

    Swapped my cables- threw out my DVI, attached my VGA

    WORKING! Playing warcraft, crysis ect, no problems.

    WHY in the hell it decided to do this today is beyond me. Literally I've been playin on that DVI no issue the entire time (couple months). Windows Vista must have updated and effected me some way earlier today while I was sleeping (best I can figure, who knows lol).

    I just want to add--

    I HATE!

    and love computers. =D
  7. I wont let them download without my permission, Im put on notice they have an update, but I dont let it download and install. It helps me know if theres a conflict or not, try this and save yourself some headaches
  8. Not a bad idea I suppose, I have just been too trusting of vista as of late (I knew I'd get burned on it someday somehow).

    I spent like 6 hours trying to fix what has to be, the stupidest PC problem I"ve ever seen lol. I hope vista doesn't have any other nasty surprises in store for me in the future (been great thus far). For a while there I was seriously worried my fancy 8800GTS was junk or going bad but thank goodness I got it working, I just wish the problem had been more obvious and not such a obscure and ridiculous one lol! =\
  9. JAYDEEJOHN said:
    I wont let them download without my permission, Im put on notice they have an update, but I dont let it download and install. It helps me know if theres a conflict or not, try this and save yourself some headaches

    Agreed.I never let Windows update aromatically.
  10. Try a different monitor.
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