PC Freezes after installing a new HDD

Help!~ i dont know if this is the correct part to ask this question but here goes

Im not much of a techie..

But heres my specs

550w PSU
Core 2 duo processor
9800gtx graphic card
4gb ram
640gb Hdd (original)
1TB Hdd(Latest addition)
Windows Vista

My psu died yesterday and i had it replaced and its working fine, So i had the idea of adding an unused hdd(1TB Western Digital) that was laying around on another rig which was not repaired. But after connecting the sata thingy and power source it went fine at first, But after some time the pc will lock up, i cant move the mouse or even open the system task and had to do a hard boot. After each hard boot i had to repair windows startup with the Vista CD for every lockup. Its annoying, before this there was no such problem. Is it because of the new PSU which cant supply enough power or the HDD is faulty?

On another side note, the 1TB hdd has been sent for RMA before as this happened on the other rig. But the other rig died before the hdd was returned and so was left untouched until i wanted to use it on my pc. Is there a way to get around this? increasing voltage or something :'( it would be great to use the 1TB as my old hdd is really full...

Thanks for the help

Unlucky Old Rig :wahoo:
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  1. i dont think its a problem with the psu not providing enough power. should be enough power with 550 watts. may be just a bad hard disk.
  2. so basically its the hdd? hmm... i guess i might have to buy a new one i guess.. but is there a possibility that other parts of the pc might cause this too? gprahic or ram?? but afaik no problems until the hdd was installed.
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