E5200 and GA-EP45-UD3P OC woes

I picked up an E5200 and a GA-EP45-UD3P last month finally got a new cooler and some thermal compound and went to try and do some overclocking. So bumped up the voltage to 1.3625 and booted in at 3.2 just fine 3.3 failed prime 95. I bummped up the voltage to 1.5 and I booted in at 3.45 (1.42v in cpuz) but after 9 hrs failed at prime. I was going for 3.6 but even at 1.7v it failed to boot. I can't get it to boot at anything above 3.52. I have played with the multipler, bumbed up just about every voltage I could find, disabled all the power stuff, done everything I can think of.

I know that 3.7-3.9 is pretty typicall for the chip. Toms made it over 4 and said 4.3 would be possible on better cooling. I was only planning for 3.6 and well kinda hoping for 3.8. I am almost certain I just got a lousy chip but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. It acts like as soon as it needs a voltage jump it needs a huge jump in voltage to get higher clocks. I currently have it running at 3.2 on like 1.18v but its not stable on 3.3 until I go over 1.4v. In the past I have never had this problem its always been heat limited. Even at my 9 hr run of prime at 3.45 I only hit 56 C (pretty good considering the voltage). I know its not the Ram and my psu is teir 2.

Just a bad chip or am I missing some simple? Any thoughts
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  1. I know it may sound silly but what about your memory speed/ratio? Maybe as you go with higher fsb the higher memory speed causes instability and failure to boot in effect?
  2. Lol I kinda missed ram/psu line of your post, sorry
  3. Your vCore should not go over 10% for longevity ot the processor.
    All chips are different.
    You should not exceed 74ºC.

  4. Yeah I'm pretty sure this isn't ram considering everything I have tried. It might just be that some people get really awesome chips and its more likely some of them aren't quiet so good. I just was hopping for significanlty better. The 10% guide is specifically for longevity but honestly my original plan was just to overclock the hech out of this thing and see how long it would last. I was going to make sure my temps where ok but run it as hard as I could voltage wise. Problem is that there is so little jump in processing power. I don't I haven't oced phenom but from what I have read that is the way this chip is ocing like. I think I am going to run it at 3.2 and see what the market is like in 6 months. Might make a good HTPC processor to start from anyway. Thanks for the responses
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