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Ok i ordered some parts to make a new system and i think i just made a big mistake. Now i ordered duel channel 4gb DDR2 800mhz memory. and i was just going over the specs for the asus rampage and it says it supports 1200/1066 DDR2 memory. Am i in trouble with the memory i ordered...?
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  1. I think you will probably be ok as long as the ram you purchased is not incompatible with the mobo although I guess theoretically you bottleneck yourself at the lower speed of the ram if the board is able to go faster, not exactly ideal but it probably will work.

    You may want to do a little research online comparing the two to see if anyone has had any problems with the exact type you purchased.

    Worst case you can always rma the ram and pick up some new stuff.
  2. No you're not its just that your ram isn't as fast as the other 2.
  3. If you go with DDR2-800 then you had to overclock it to get 400+ FSB.

    If you go with DDR2-1066 then you had to downclock it to get 500 FSB.

    If you go with ASUS Rampage Formula then the best FSB you can get is 500 FSB because otherwise you would be getting almost the same speed as Intel P35 motherboard and spending too much for ASUS Rampage....

    Also, if you need 4 Gigs of DDR2 Ram then it means that you are going to use Windows Vista 64 bit...

    And 2/3 Gigs of Ram means you are going for Windows Vista 32 bit...

    Just to remind you... :bounce:
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