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I want to dual boot XP and Vista (after Win 7 RC expires) or Windows 7 and Vista (right now)

Since my computer can only have one HDD, I want to partition the 80 GB in to 30GB and 50GB. Question is if I don't want dual boot how can I merge the two partitions back into one?
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  1. So what is the problem? Create two partitions during installation (not with another utility) of windows, windows 7 on the first, windows vista on the second (why do you need vista?)

    If you don't want Vista anymore, delete the second partition and use Expand option on the current partition, so in the end you will have one 80GB partition. That answers your question?
  2. Yes thank you, but where do I do this delete and expand? I was wondering about Dual booting XP and Vista when the RC expires.
  3. I believe in Vista and in 7 you can manage partitions right from within the OS with Disk Management. Otherwise you could try Gparted live cd which can re-size and create partitions, etc.
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