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Hi Guys,

I cobbled together and HTPC from spare parts, this is my first shot at them. Right now the Build is

AMD 3500+
MSI board
1 Gig PC 3200 Ram
MSI 7300LE Vid Card
500GB HD

In the middle of watching movies sometimes the screen just goes black. The case has good ventilation and I've never seen the card temp get above 52 C. All the parts were running fine in another system accept the vid card which is new. When the screen goes black, the sound continues without any change like the movie is still running. I think I got a bad video card. ( I paid $25 from new egg for it, it's not worth RMA at this price) Any thoughts?
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  1. What mpeg decoder are you using when you play DVD's? I did a quick google search and came across this thread with a similar problem using the Purevideo decoder:

    If you are using Purevideo, try the solution in that thread. If that doesn't solve your problem, try a different decoder, a different software player, or maybe try a different video card if you have a spare.
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