help overclocking E6550

can you guys help me in overclocking my E6550, this will be my first attempt on overclocking. i read the sticky on how to overclock a C2 Duo but still can't understand somethings..

first, my specs are:
E6550 @ 2.33Ghz G0 stepping
Asus P5KPL-VM G31 Chipset
2 GB Transcend 800 Mhz + 1GB Kingston 800Mhz (both on single channel)
Corsair 520HX
stock cooler
CM690 case

now if i read the guide correctly, i can increase the clockspeed to 2.8Ghz if i increase the FSB to 400 and the multiplier to 7. the question is i don't have to increase the DRAM settings, right? will my memory cause some problems due to being only single channel and not dual? will my stock intel cooler handle the overclock nicely or do i need an aftermarket cooler? i won't be overclocking above 2.8 so i don't like to increase the voltage.

any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Most of the time it is easier for you to just go ahead and try it, then come back and ask specific questions.

    In regards to your RAM, you will have to downclock it first, so when you do increase the FSB, your ram will have room.

    Single or Dual channel RAM will not have an affect on your OC.

    Your stock Intel cooler may work up to your goal. You'll have to try.
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