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What software do you recommend to test whether a given O/C configuration is giving a reasonable return? I'm looking for something quick and easy to give rough figures on overall system performance to compare things.

I tried using the Vista rating, but hopefully that's not meaningful since it rates my CPU the same whether its at stock (9 x 266) or clocked up to 9 x 360 as it is at the moment.

Hopefully there's some simple software you can recommend, preferably something that can just be run without "installation". Most of the software I've seen referred to seems to focus on graphics performance, I'm really looking for overall rating - CPU, RAM, I/O as well as graphics.

Thanks in advance, Tony S
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  1. 3Dmark06/Vantage. <---graphics tests.

    I like using and comparing Super Pi scores.

    As for benchmarking/stability tests, you could try using:
  2. Thanks. I'm using prime95 to check stability and temperature rise.

    What parameters do you check to compare performance? Time to compete a given set of tests?

    I'm not familiar with OCCT, is that an installed program, or can you just "run" it?
  3. Just read the article on "Windows Experience Index" on Toms Hardware (what a brilliant site!)

    No wonder my score didn't change with overclocking ... I was reading at 5.9 for CPU and RAM at standard speeds. It would never have occured to me that 5.9 was the maximum it can return.

    Tony S
  4. Acctually, OCCT needs installation. Overall performance scores are usually achieved using 3dMarK/Futuremark products, which also require installation.

    Prime95 is key though, and you say you use it, so, I've never personally felt the need to compare scores with others, i'm just happy running my own stable overclock.
  5. jeanluclariviere said:
    ... I've never personally felt the need to compare scores with others, i'm just happy running my own stable overclock.

    Thanks for the comments. I was really wanting to compare my scores with different configurations. For example to see whether the overclocked config was producing a worth-while return in real performance. And to compare throughput with different RAM configurations.

    I don't think comparing my scores from other people's rigs would be that meaningful. Too many variables.
  6. Well in that case, have you looked into Super Pi as mentioned above ? Run the 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 MB calculations, backup the results, OC and run it again. Thats the best solution I can come up with from my own personal experience.
  7. 3DMark is usually the most complete benchmarking suite. SupperPI gains only very small changes from OC.
  8. ^ Thanks - i've hardly used 3DMark, and have always noticed changes in SuperPi when OC :P
  10. it all depends on waht u do with ur comp. E.G
    i can OC my E8400 to 4ghz and its stable after 7hours orthos but when i play farcry 2 it crashes ( at 3.92ghz its fine)
    so really "stable" is what it means to you, if it does what u want it to and theres no heat issues then its stable.

    A nice quick test is intel burn test and its free :)

    hope that helps.
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