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Ok so I have the following hardware and I am concerned about the temps I am getting. When the room is greater than 70F (more like 75) my Idle temps are 40C CPU(fan at 48%) and 50C GPU(fan at 48%). When the AC is on in my room or when it is cold out and the ambient temp is lower (65F or so) I have seen my idles go down to 31C CPU and 43C GPU, with the same fan speeds. Already reapplied thermal paste. Is this normal or do I have a cooling problem with my case or are P182's naturally a little warmer than other cases?

Antec P182 (4 120mm fans, one right behind the video card)
BFG 8800gts 512
Intel Dual core E2160 1.8ghz OC'd to 3.0ghz
Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro cpu cooler
BFG 650i Ultra
Rosewill 550w psu
Artic Silver theral compound
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  1. That kind of makes sense. When the ambient temperature of the room your PC is in, temps of your components will also drop. I don't think there is a problem and there is nothing wrong with any of these temps. If you want them even lower then just turn up your CPU and GPU fan more.
  2. Jog down your o/c settings in bios, then load default. What's the idle temp of the cpu?

    You can improve the temps by moving the case a feet or so away from other objects/walls/bookcases, etc.
  3. Ye my comp is in a corner because my room is small and since i have to sleep with it in the room noise is an issue so turning the fans up past where they are at now is not much of an option. I was thinking about going to liquid but it seems like too much of a hassle. Im just concerned about cooling a Q6600 whenever I decide to get it, especially OCing it
  4. I see you point but to be honest your not going to get a great overclock of a Q6600 with your CPU fan only at 48%. Only thing I can say is go to liquid or turn off your comp when you go to :sleep:
  5. Those figures are fine, but as nzxtlexa says, just turn your fans up if you're concerned, you should be able to put up with the noise if you have that case, it's great at reducing sound. But you won't be doing yourself any favours by having it on at night.
  6. Sorry not that it makes much of a difference but the CPU fan is at 53%, that was a typo on my part. I do have the top fan on the P182 literally and inch or less away from the CPU fan/heatsink, so could I get away with less fan speed considering the top fan is sucking air right off of the CPU cooler?
  7. Possible with that CPU but if it was me I still wouldn't do it and for the Q6600 if you ever get it, I definitely wouldn't do anything less than 60%, but thats just my opinion. Its hard for us to comment as every setup - you should just monitor temps carefully and decide from that.
  8. Even h2o needs active cooling to cool the radiator.
  9. Ye 53% is where the other fans are louder than the CPU cooler, SO i could do a little more speed. Are there better CPU coolers than the Artic cooling Freezer 7 Pro that have motherboard fan control and are about the same noise level that you guys would suggest?
  10. cool thanks
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