[Intel DP35DP] SPIDF 5.1 audio / IDT Audio Control Panel

Hi everybody,

I have on-board audio connected via SPDIF into my receiver's SPDIF input. When I select IDT Audio1 as the sound playback device, I only hear sound from my Front Right and Left speakers. I have a 5.1 reciever and the appropriate speakers. When I select ATI HD Audio (rear input) as my playback device, I hear NO sound. AND when I access the 'speakers' menu from the IDT Audio Control Panel, there NO speaker icons.

How do I get my other speakers activated & how do I activate speaker icons in IDT control panel?

Many thanks,

Relevant stats below:

Windows XP Pro SP2

Intel DP35DP

BIOS Version:
0437 (DPP3510J.86A ])

Processor Manufacturer:

Video Graphics Solution Manufacturer:

Video Graphics Solution Model:

Sound Solution Manufacturer:
On-Board Audio
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  1. I have th same problem id you find any way to fix it?
  2. Same problem here ! :) but when I hear there is a sound issue ( left speaker not working) I hit the IDT audio monitor from system tray and problem solves by itself. -_-' win xp I'say try older sound drivers, these from the CD given with your motherboard's box i.e.. you should experience less issues with these..

    note: running DP35DP on windows 7 at the moment with these "new" drives :(

    NEED decent UPDATE one that WORKS 100%
    there is only hope & patience left! lol
  3. Does your receiver automatically upgrade a stereo signal to 5.1 (Dolby Pro Logic?).
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