Stupid intel chipset question with Nvidia...

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I am thinking about going with an X38 chipset instead of Nvidia (either Intel board or ASUS).

That said, is there any reason Nvidia cards would have any issues running on an intel chipset mobo vs. nvidia, at least a newer one like X38?

Obviously I would only ever have 1 (usually the best one out) but I just need/want stability.

Since Im not going SLI, seems intel E8500 plus a relative reference intel made X38 should give me stability at the expense of some OC and sexyness.

Then I just want one of my nice Nvidia cards, maybe even just a 9800GTX until they release a real next-gen card. I hear the 9800GX2 runs very very hot.

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  1. Nvidia will work with any Intel chipsets.
  2. If you have the money, that should work fine. For more of a bang for buck approach, get the x38 and an 8800GTS. You can drop the 8500 lower also. Again, you can get what you listed, but you can get similar performance for less.
  3. Thanks for the fast responses.

    I _was_ going to go with an NVidia board originally (780i or 790i) but I keep reading so many issues about the 'FF' posting problem and also about the video playback locking up PC issues, etc. etc. that some think the EVGA/XFX boards have some real issues that are more or less exposed depending on factors.

    Since I also plan to upgrade once Nahalem and all the other architecture stuff comes out over the next year that I probably wont ever SLI but though what the heck, just in case...

    So instead, since I just want stability and dont need to squeeze every last bit out (never really OCd even), it seemed X38/intel chipset is safer, if less sexier.

    And because ASUS has huge posts about bad/non-existent customer service and their quality going down, Im scared of Maximus Extreme so thinking of just going with plain old Intel manufactured X38 board.

  4. If you plan on upgrading to Nehalem next year, my advice would be to grab a P35 based mobo instead of an X38. The only real difference is that P35's lack PCI-E 2.0 support (which makes no real difference with the graphics cards out right now), and you would save yourself some money since nehalem is going to use a new socket which means you'll need a new mobo to support it. I would recommend this:
    It's a great board, it's cheap, and it'll run 45nm CPU's with the latest BIOS.
  5. ^Agreed, P35 is probably the way you should go. Gigabyte makes some nice mobos and 89.99 is a good price. Don't get me wrong, they all have their quirks.
  6. Well to clarify, I wont be upgrading immediately, prob 6 months after it first hits. And if for some reason my machine is just fine, I might not. Hard to tell how sexy the numbers will look.

    Also though there is a nice boost in the DDR3 memory too though of course much pricier.

    And until we know more, Nvidia's next real new-gen card could make better use of the PCI2.0 bus no?
  7. I too would suggest the P35. If you are not planning to SLI or Crossfire, the X38 is not really necessary. It should certainly last you until you upgrade, or be fine for few years to enjoy.

    Responding to your comment above - I have a 780i and have never had a problem with anything. Just thought you might like to know.

    Good luck with the bulid.
  8. If you want to upgrade before this machine dies to CSI/Nehalem, don't spend the money on this one. P35, 2GBs of ram, 4xxx/6xxx series CPU and a 9600/8800GT. Spend your money on things that will carry over like a case, PSU, harddrives, soundcard, etc. A P35 with 2GBs and a E6600 with an 8800GT should do fine in the gaming dept until Nehalem comes out and the prices drop.

    I heard a rumor that the first consumer Nehalems, won't need a new socket because they will lack CSI. Server chips will have the IMC, while desktop chips won't. If so, the rumor says Intel will be able to sell them on the S775. Its been awhile since I've heard this, don't know how true it is.
  9. You guys all make good points.

    I am looking at the P35s now. Do you suggest that (say the Gigabyte that has good reviews) because it is a more stable board also with less issues or just because it is cheaper?

    And yes, I do realize that when you read the boards, mostly people posting (especially on a mfg. site) are people with problems.

    But when you see the sheer amount of posts sometimes, you can tell it isn'ta normal distribution, or at least based on the comments :P

    So PCI 2.0, although it offers some advantage, isn't worth it nor the bandwidth from ddr2 to ddr3 (say 1333) is worth a few hundred dollars? I dont really know so Im asking.

    And when I do upgrade to nahalem, it will be because of the mobo changes as well as processor, video cards out etc, so this wont be for at least 1.5 years probably.
  10. Ok I guys, I am going to order:

    Your wisdom has rescued me.

    That said, I at least want to use the fastest, best memory since the prices are low.

    I checked Gigabytes site and no 4 gig approved config though I know people are using 4 gig.

    So if I go to say Corsairs site and they list this as being compatible:

    Its 1066 which I want but only a 2GB kit. So what I don't get is I see 4GB kits and 2GB kits and it says they are tested and matched, yadda yadda.

    But can I just buy 2 2GB kits like the corsair one and throw them in.

    Anything I need to worry about? If so, how can I find 1066 4GB kit DDR2 for the P35 giggy board?

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