Just got a new Xiggy S1284 EE....

Do I need to buy the optional bracket or are the locking push pins ok for my 775 socket?
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  1. IMO get the retention bracket. That's a tall cooler and I think it needs better support than the push pins.
  2. I have the s1283 and bought the bracket...way better, especially if you decide you might lap it or change the thermal compound at a later date.
  3. +1 on getting the bracket.
  4. +1 for the bolt in kit.
  5. Cool, thanks guys. Anyone know the model #? This is my first bolt-in cooler....

    Is it this one?

  6. Yeah get the kit

    Also... you got the wrong one if you got the s1284

    the s1283 is significantly better in fact
  7. +1 for Retention Bracket for sure.

    Holy crap Newegg wants $15 for that retention bracket?

    Pretty sure I ordered mine for like $6.99.

    I used this one on my S1283 model.

    Not sure if yours is required for the new version. The Xiggy site is being VERY slow to load for me right now.
  8. Looking online, I can't find the XIGMATEK ACK-I7753 for less than $11. The site I found it that cheap says they "Special Order" the product. So they don't even have it in stock for shipment. Guess NewEgg is your best bet.
  9. Strange, as Xigmatek was shipping the kit for FREE last spring/early summer when I built my rig. What a rippoff now!
  10. Indeed get the bolt through kit much better than the push pin. For an AMD system, the system is pretty good as it is. On a side not, just make sure you google it before applying the thermal compound, for best efficiency it requires a special technic unless they've upgraded their instruction set. There is good article on Hardware Canucks.
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