Best Buy 640GB Samsung HD642JJ vs WD6400AAKS

Both have 2 333GB platters. Both low price

I heard about WD that it makes some noise, so should i consider SAmsung becasue they are more silent?

Also some series of AAKS are 3 plattered

so Please let me know what you think!
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  1. did I post in the wrong section??
  2. i've been thinking about getting an AAKS.

    i tried to find out which ones had how many platters but i didn't get very far on the WestDig website. How did you find out how many platters they have ?

    personally i prefer drives with more platters & lower areal density. i.e. drives that have older technology, like a year-old.
  3. Western Digital 640GB AAKS models are 2 platters of 320GB each, these are one of the (maybe even the first) 320GB/platter HDD's
    they are fast, but, the Western Digital Black 640GB are faster (don't get me wrong, these HDD's are no slouches either, i have 4 in raid-0 in my server, i cap out my gigabit network)
  4. how could u like slower tec?
    And no,Samsung was first 333GB paltter
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