Annoyance with ATI Radeon X700; Radeon X550XTX???

Hey guys.

Just bought a new system (the entire thing is posted in my signature).

I bought a Sapphire Radeon X700 256mb video card with it. Just downloaded the newest Catalyst (8.4) and drivers for it.

It posts as a Radeon X550XTX for some reason. In addition, I cannot get a Windows Vista experience index score out of it. It stays at 1.0 every time I refresh the score, just as if I had never run the test.

Any ideas?
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  1. hehe the X700 is like an antique piece :) ....though where did u get it from?
  2. Try some older drivers, or drivers from OmegaDrivers.
  3. Why did you buy an X700?

    I don't even know if that will work with Vista! The ATI Radeon 3870 would have been a much choice. Maybe get two of them if you are gaming.
  4. Ouch, everyone is right. That thing is like what, 4 years old?
    Not a good choice at all for Vista, not at all.
  5. Eh, it works fine (sigh.).

    I wanted a killer processor, so I got one instead of splitting the difference with a better video card. The X700 was the best choice for $20. I can play Oblivion on highest settings at 1024x768 with 2x AA and 8x AF. Never see frames below 15 or so in combat situations. Pretty good for $20.

    I got the experience index to work.... but it still shows up as an X550XTX, which I think is weird.

    Maybe I will just buy a 3870 when the funds present themselves...
  6. I played every game till COD4 with the X550 and a P4 3.0ghz :)

    For $20 thats not bad at all. Keep an eye on the upcoming RV770 from ATI
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