Please Help: X850pro AGP8X - how to unlock the extra pipelines

I have an ATI X850pro on AGP8X. I want to enable the 4 disabled pipelines. I tried finding information on google, but the files that people were providing were all removed due to the fact that they posts were too old.

Seeing its great potential for being a high performance card, I want to hold on to it before moving on to PCI-E 2.0. I'm saving up my money right now.

First of all, I'd be glad if anyone could give me complete information about how to flash this card to an XT or XT PE, step by step. I'm a n00b (well, relatively that is) and I dont want to end up with a dead card. I am aware of the fact that unless I get a cooling device, I will have to under clock my card back to the stock speeds. All I want is the extra pipelines.

What softwares do I need? what files do I need? can you guys provide some links? I'd appreciate.

Thanks a lot.

My mobo:
Asus A7V8X-LA

My graphics card:
X850pro AGP 8X 256-bit GDDR3 with 256MB of VRAM operating at 500mhz core clock and 500mhz memory clock (stock speeds).
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