just built question -many questions-

first off this is wut i got in my system:
xeon E3110
abit IP35 Pro
2x2g a data ram
HX620W crosair PSU
evaga 8800gtx

ok for my first question should be real simple.
i have installed uguru from my mother board driver disc but i dont thank im getting good CPU temp reading's says its at 145C of a limit of 75 and it says system statis OK
same with speed fan it says my cpu is at -2C witch is crazy cuz im not water cooling and using the stock heat sink fan...
so is there a program that will work or is there just somthing wroung on my end?

ok i also had a prob when i first got my system up it would log me off then just down randomly did it about 3 times yesterday but so far hasnt happend agine... any idea wut may of caused this?

i ran orthos thrwe 5 steps its ok so i just ended it for got to set it up over night but im sure its all ok cuz i didnt OC nothing yet tell i learn how so next question is with a system like this i had thought this thing would blow my freak'n mind i mean i put 1.5k in this and gfx card only shines when a game is turned on nothing looks good other then that hell my back ground looks pixilated and my movies lag y is this?

and for the last question that comes to mind at the moment is i had wow up and running and xfire for voice chat and i was having a hard time conecting to xfire with out getting could not connect due to high latency error threw the server i have broadband threw cox.net so that shouldn't be the case? how can i fix this prob.

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  1. So the cpu temps are forked up? What a shocker. That's pretty well known for a Wolfdale. Go with "Core Temp". Google it. Or "Real Temp".

    Random logoffs are not normal. Might be malware. Scan it. If you mean random restarts, your o/c may be unstable.

    That's exactly what the computer industry is doing: force you upgrade as often as possible. MS is leading the way with new OSes.

    No idea about the last question. You should ask it in gaming forums.
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