Another 'please check my build' post :-)

Hi All, first time poster asking one of the more common questions I suspect: what do you think of this build? I've never spec'd a 'custom' PC before, so I'm kind of learning as I go! Here's what I'm looking to put together at the moment:

Antec P182 Case
Corsair 620HXUK PSU
Asus P5K motherboard
Intel Q6600 processor (maybe a Q9450 if the extra GBP90 is worth it?)
Asus Silent Knight II CPU Cooler
4GB Corsair XMS2 6400C5 RAM
Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB HD
Samsung SH-S203 DVD Writer (x2)
XFX 512MB 8800GTS XXX (Alphadog Edition)
Vista 64bit Home Premium

Total cost for this from CCL Computers is GBP983 inc build cost & shipping (and 1 year on-site warranty)

So what do you think? Can I do better for around a thousand pounds? I'm speccing this PC with an eye for future upgradeability, as I kind of expect to buy a new Nehalem based quad-core CPU next year (if the performance increase of the new architecture is worth it... the rumor mill seems to suggest it will be, though rumors are just that, rumors! Nehalem will mean a new motherboard as well, so that's why I've gone with the P5K, is this OK?)

For the moment I'll probably overclock the 6600 a little to get it up to 3.0GHz, which shouldn't be a problem should it? Will the P5K allow this?

The computer is primarily used for Photoshop CS3, but I also enjoy PC games, it's just that my current Pentium M laptop doesn't play most of the current titles (I really like the look of Crysis and Supreme Commander, so keen to try them out!)

Any advice would be gratefully received, I look forward to reading your thoughts and suggestions!

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  1. Check out this thread. A very similar build. Your prices will vary if you use a different seller, of course, but it's a good baseline. The Arctic Freezer 7 Pro would be a better choice for CPU cooling.
  2. any thoughts on the Samsung F1 drive?

  3. That looks like a nice build, the F1 is a very quick drive and if you're not looking at RAID, about as quick as you'll get for a decent amount of storage. The /deagate 7200.11 is quicker, but more expensive I believe. Have you checked out some of the other sites to compare prices?
  4. any reason for the Silent Knight cooler? there are better out there...
  5. 1. 4GB 800ddr2 C4
    2. 64 bit vista ultimate
    3. Nice HD :)
    4. There are less expencive 8800 GTS 512MB than XFX Alphadog Edition
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